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Tell Us Your App Idea

Let Konverge Ventures turn your idea into reality. The road to building the next great software or app starts here.

Tell Us Your App Idea

Let Konverge Ventures turn your idea into reality. The road to building the next great software or app starts here.


Who is Konverge Ventures?

As a Canadian software development company, we at Konverge saw that Canadian entrepreneurs were not getting the support they needed to create the next great Canadian tech success story. And so, Konverge Ventures was born.

From seed to IPO, Konverge Ventures brings over 28 years of experience building custom software and mobile app solutions.

We know how to build great software, and now we want to help you do the same.

Konverge is Experience

Over 28 years of Experience in fact. With a background in custom software development, we can leverage what we've learned from working with previous clients.

Konverge is Teamwork

As any startup founder knows, you cannot build a business alone, that's why at Konverge Ventures, everything we do is a team activity. And we want to be your team mates.

Konverge is Growth

Growing a business isn't easy, we know this intimately. Beyond development resources, we will provide you with the mentorship you need to start and maintain your growth.

Konverge is Knowledge

The knowledge of years of experience, the knowledge of our team members, and the knowledge we've gathered from our own businesses. Knowledge we want to share with you.

What can Konverge Ventures do for me?

Many well-funded startups fail because it isn’t just about the capital. It takes more than funding to make a global company so Konverge provides expertise at every step from business planning, product development, marketing, and beyond.

Konverge Ventures can do more than just help with capital and development; it’s mentorship and assistance at every step of your business journey.

Did you Know?

About 90% of new startups fail

Venture capitalists invested $156 billion in 2020

Less than 1% of startups get funding from investors

The number 1 reason why startups fail is due to misreading market demand

Startups that have mentorship grow 3.5x faster and raise 7x more money.

Startups founded by non-technical teams outperform technical founders of consumer companies by 31%.

The average age of startup founders is 40 years old.

One of the top reasons for startup failure is scaling up too fast.

77% of startups rely on personal savings for their initial funds.

What has Konverge Ventures Built ?

Why choose Konverge Ventures?

We’ve been there. Simple as that.

We have built software companies from the ground up, not only as clients and partners; but as complete standalone businesses that survive and thrive on their own. (See our Portfolio page for more details on that.)

Konverge Ventures is led by a tech founder, Sonia Couto, who has spent over a decade in the tech industry. Sonia has first-hand experience within the startup and tech landscape. 

In addition, Sonia is the Managing Director of Konverge Digital Solutions; and the Founder of MenuSano, a nutrition tech company. Sonia is further backed by a team of experts in software development, marketing, product development, and business analysis who each have years of experience across multiple verticals, all with software at their core.

That’s the kind of experience that you can’t buy access to.

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Is Konverge Ventures your ideal investment partner?

Konverge Ventures primarily partners with founders at the Seed and Series A stage. We will provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of your business.

Your success is our success, and it is in our best interest to make sure that your business excels at the highest levels.

The world is full of good ideas. Let Konverge Ventures help you make yours a reality.

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